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BridgeCoin important announcement!

By Rafał - 2018-11-04

CryoptoBridge exchange released very important announcement about future of Bridge Coin.


Bridge Coin is "dividend coin". If you are staking your coins or lock them in the exchange you are getting 50% of the trading profits. Of course, your profit depend on what share you have and how big is your bonus.


All Bridge Coins are mined already. That means there are no more block rewards for miners. According to that CryptoBridge announce the end-of-life phase for the BridgeCoin blockchain. All coins that are not in the exchange must be deposited there until December 31. All coins that will not be deposited to CryptoBridge until that date will be lost!


Users that are staking on the CryptoBridge are safe and do not need to do anything. 


For more updates follow CryptoBridge discord channel and social media.


Full announcement you can find HERE