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Cardano Shelley Testnet Better Than Expected

By Lorenzo - 2019-12-17

The Cardano Shelley test has been quite a success with around 17% of all Cardano coins being delegated to staking pools. According to IOHK, 120 pools were created within 24 hours of the launch and there are over 300 pools created at press time. If Cardano can keep up the momentum, reaching 1000 pools could happen within the next week.
Shelley is still quite new but has shown a lot of potential as it already has 10 times more staking pools than both Tron and EOS. Similarly, Bitcoin has only a few pools active.
The Yoroi Wallet has recently just announced that they will be releasing the Shelley version of the Yoroi extension within 19 hours of the announcement.

Hello everyone!

We' re hoping to release the Shelley version of the Yoroi extension this epoch (within 19 hours of this post)
Check out this video by our engineering lead @SebastienGllmt about what will be supported and what to expect in the coming weekshttps://t.co/JcgA6UFt20

— Yoroi Wallet (@YoroiWallet) December 16, 2019
There is more than 2.7 billion ADA staked currently while delegation rewards are really competitive. Users can earn around 0.0196% daily, 0.589% monthly and a huge 7.17% return annually which is a significant return.
Running a staking pool is even more profitable and users can earn some ridiculous returns, however, as the testnet progresses, staking pools will have a harder time operating as only the best ones will be able to survive based on their performance.