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Chainlink oracles are now integrated into Axie Infinity playground

By Inkarias - 2020-11-16

Chainlink’s team recently shared its new partnership with a well-known crypto game in the market: Axie Infinity. The addition of Chainlink features such as decentralized price feeds and verifiable randomness function introduce provably fair random elements into the Axie universe while ensuring a high-standard for the users. In short, Axie is a crypto game where creatures that love to battle, build and hunt for treasure in a full-online blockchain-based game. In the Axie universe, every player can search, gather and collect a great number of different Axies to use them across an entire ecosystem. 

Chainlink choice and associated added-value for the network

After launching its own governance and fee sharing token, AXS will then be using chainlink price feeds/sources, switching from a fully centralized server-managed feature to the whole set offered by Chainlink. Thus Axie will benefit from a 100% uptime for marketplace’s all-important ETH/USD price feed and the network in general. The second feature introduced from Chainlink is VRF, highly secure source of randomness that is permissionless and auditable on-chain by all users and which constitute a solid protocol to support and manage Axie needs. VRF also brings a new layer of security with the cryptographic proof that all random elements cannot be manipulated by a third-party entity.

As the Axie’s team previously shared regarding this information:

We’ll be using Chainlink VRF for the generation of Origin Axies from Axie Origin Coins (AOC). The number of Origin Axies in the game is capped at 4088. Each time 5 AOC are burned, an Origin Axie is born with a chance of possessing Mystic parts. The chance of an Axie possessing Mystic parts when they’re born from AOC will soon rely on the VRF from chainlink

All the details regarding the implementation of price feeds and VRF´can be read at https://axie.substack.com/