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CoinAll Announces 43000 XSN Giveaway to Celebrate Stakenet’s Listing

By Rafał - 2019-03-16

CoinAll has announced the giveaway of 43000 XSN to be distributed amongst its users to celebrate Stakenet’s listing on the platform. The giveaway event will take place from 17:00 Mar 15 - 17:00 Mar 22, 2019 (CET, UTC + 1) and will include individual competition, team competition and airdrop.
The event will occur in three phases as stated below:
Individual competition: Giveaway of 17200 XSN
Top 10 users by XSN net purchase will be rewarded with 1100 XSN each and users from rank 11-200 will be randomly rewarded with 30-300 XSN. To be eligible for this competition, user must complete KYC1 and should make minimum purchase of 1500 XSN.
Team competition: Giveaway of 17200 XSN
This is sub-divided into four rewards namely: Referral Reward, Best Team Reward, Best Lead Reward and commission reward. The winners will be decided based on size of team and their trading volume.
Telegram Airdrop: Giveaway of 8600 XSN
CoinAll has organised a telegram airdrop which will take place in 3 parts and will launch only if its requirement of minimum number of group members is fulfilled. This will be active only for 5 days from 17:00 Mar 15 to 17:00 Mar 19 and the airdrop will be distributed on Mar 16, 18, 19 at 17:05 (UTC+8). Telegram group link: https://t.me/CoinAllOfficialPublic
More information on the giveaway event, requirements, rules and terms and conditions can be found here https://www.coinall.com/activity/voteCoin?activeId=411