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ColossusXT announces partnership with Plaak to Develop Hardware Wallet Card

By Rafał - 2019-01-12

ColossusXT on 11th of January announced its partnership with Plaak. Both organisations are bent towards privacy and decentralization and have therefore agreed to work together on bringing COLX to a biometric hardware wallet card with unmatched security and user friendliness.

Colossus card

Some of the unique features which Colossus Hardware Wallet Card will offer are:

On-Card Fingerprint scanner

The hardware wallet will have built-in on-card biometrics fingerprint scanner. Now you can access your funds in the similar manner as you unlock your phone via fingerprint scanning feature. Therefore, there is no chance of losing account access with a password-less authentication.

Customizable E-ink display

The hardware wallet card will come with a customizable E-ink display showing your balance, battery life, Bluetooth connectivity etc.

Tap & Pay feature

Biometric fingerprint is not the only prominent feature the card has. The hardware wallet will also have Bluetooth and Near-Field communication (NFC) to enable its Tap-and-Pay feature for direct and quick transactions with nearby entity.

Encrypted User Data

No user data or assets are kept in a central storage and is not even available to the card provider. Thus, making it highly decentralized and providing utmost privacy and anonymity.

Secure ecosystem

The secure ecosystem by Plaak offers daily transactions limit, Know Your Customer (KYC), login session and safe card wallet recovery process.

he card is expected to be ready and shipped in March 2019. You can pre-order the card by filling all the required information here https://colxwallet.plaak.com/. This will not only be a great accomplishment but will also set ColossusXT quite ahead of their roadmap. The launch of Colossus’s Hardware Wallet card will bring it one step closer to its goal of being a globally accepted digital currency that is fast, decentralized, private and secure.


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