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Cosmos GOZ competition to win 100,000 ATOM

By Inkarias - 2019-11-11

Cosmos, using the Tendermint protocols, presents itself as the internet of blockchains. It introduces features that allow independent blockchains to rely on pre-built consensus and governance methods, as well as communicate easily by sending tokens or messages. We are thus talking about a network of blockchains. In Cosmos, the different blockchains are called "zones". This term is important to understand the vision around this new event. In preparation for the launch of the forthcoming Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) module, Cosmos team announced Cosmos's second ever adversarial testnet challenge: Game of Zones. This competition will create an invaluable educational opportunity and environment for the Cosmos community to learn the nuances of the IBC protocol, including exception handling and potential failure modes.

Details about the competition

The GOZ competition will commence on first week of December of 2019. Otherwise, the team will take some time off for the winter holidays and start around the 2nd week of January 2020 and will announce later any changes that could arrive.

What are the prizes for Game of Zones?

The Interchain Foundation is providing 100,000 ATOM for the prize pool. Unlike last year's Game of Stakes, there won't be just one winner, and there won't be just one prize. There will be multiple prizes attached to multiple challenges to satisfy all the community.

Requirements to join the competition:

  • Register with a Cosmos address and a chain-id for the team.
  • Being able to run a new blockchain in the team (another zone)
  • Understanding of IBC branches of the Cosmos SDK. All the information are available on official sources or on Cosmos public Github
  • Some practice sending IBC transactions between testnets. This will ensure a complete knowledge about the network to prepare the competition.
All details at https://cosmos.network/goz