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Cosmos has launched a Gitcoin Hackathon

By Inkarias - 2020-04-23

The well-reputed project Cosmos announced the official launch of a new event, the cosmos’ cross-chain hackathon lasting from April 20, 2020 to May 11, 2020 in order to help the crypto community to pass the COVID quarantine easily. All participants coders wishing to join the Cross-Chain Hackathon will have the opportunity to earn up $15,000 in ATOMs. The event participants will be competing to build real-world applications based on Cosmos SDK, the modular blockchain framework with built-in modules. The core modules currently include IBC, staking, slashing, and more to enable developers to build secure layer 1 decentralized applications for this event. Cross-Chain is a 3-week virtual hackathon where Cosmos team challenges the community to expand open-source collaboration across blockchain ecosystems. The complete list of possible bounties during the period can be found here.

The rules are pretty simple for the hackers: They must use the Cosmos SDK and IBC to solve a real-world problem or build with Ethermint, Peggy, and CosmWasm. Furthermore, hackers have the possibility to work with DeFi and NFT’s as these two topics are considerably interesting, but the list is only limited to the creativity of the participants.

Submissions and Rewards

The different submissions made during the event period must be open source, use the Cosmos SDK and IBC protocol, and must do something useful and interesting. A working demo will also be a major factor to decide about the winners. The total reward pool will be split into several smaller prizes paid in ATOMs coins: $6,000 for the first place, $5,000 for the second place and $4,000 for the third. The price ratio of the ATOM for the event will be taken into account on the last day of the hackathon at the official closing price reflected on Coin Market Cap.

In order to find more information about the whole event and the rules, you can visit the official cosmos blog.