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Cryptobridge applied KYC for US citizens

By Rafał - 2019-02-26

In the recent Cryptobridge development update we can find information about new coins listing, new "path" that CB is going to follow and also "New user requirements".
CB terms
CB Terms of service - User Identity Verification Process
According to that all users have to accept Terms of service to trade on Cryptobride. Users outside of United States have to read the Terms,  click few buttons, and they will be able to use their accounts but, users from U.S. will be forced to provide additional verification data. If they do not want to provide any personal information access to their accounts will be restricted.
Once the terms of service have been accepted, users outside of the United States will be able to access and use their accounts as normal. US citizens will be required to complete an additional step and directed to our trusted partner Fractal to provide additional verification data.
Users who do not agree to the terms of service or verification requirements have 2 weeks to withdraw their funds from the exchange. Information about BCO that are unable to claimed before the grace period ends will be announced soon.
Full development update: