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CryptoHashTank Platform Attacked: Nodes Down and Funds Compromised

By RafaƂ - 2019-03-18

CryptoHashTank, a masternode sharing and PoS platform recently became victim to wallet hack. The incident came into light at approximately 17:00 EST when the team received an alert from masternode monitoring bot about all MOBINODE nodes being down. The team started investigating and found out the wallet had been emptied. Just after a while, the team received another alert from discord MN monitoring bot about several UPC nodes being down. Upon investigating UPC wallet, team noticed that several MN collaterals were minted. Funds were noticed being moved from several other wallets too, so CHT team acted quickly and re-secured the other wallet servers making sure they remain unaffected.
Several coins were compromised, and funds were moved to unknown addresses. The CHT team is still investigating the entire scope and source of attack. Currently known list of compromised coins include ZTA, MERI, DKPC, MCT, MNPRO, P2P, GIN, MOBI, EVOS, FLEX, FTON, SINS, GRINC, Xnella, WCF, MCPC, MARC, LGS, FILOK and PRX.
The team is working hard to make sure all the other coins and wallet servers are effectively secured and masternodes are restarted. CHT will try to recover all lost funds and will use all its resources to make their investors whole again. The CHT team is investigating every possible aspect and nothing is clear yet although it suspects that it might be doing of another masternode sharing service provider with which it recently had some conflicts with.
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