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DACH Coin bounty

By Rafał - 2018-12-04

DACH coin organized great contest and bounty with 15 000 DACH in prize pool. To participate sign up at https://dach.bjammerboy.com

As you can see great things happened in DACH last days, first great new partnership with... us and now that big giveaway!


There are 3 contests. Referal Contest where the fastest inviters will be able to win up to 1000 DACH. Random Contest where winners will be, as you probably guessed, 5 randomly picked users. The main contest is Leaderboard Contest where first prize is 1000 DACH for the first place, 200 DACH for places 2nd-10th and 100 DACH for places 11th-20th. 


How can you participate? After you sign up you will see a lot of different options. You can tweet, follow, subscribe, join discord etc. Every action has assigned points to it. You will receive that points after you complete it.

DACH actions

There are alos two bounties for videos and articles. Top 2 high quality videos will receive 1000 DACH and top 2 high quality articles receive 750 DACH. 


Good luck!