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DACH coin swap details

By Rafał - 2018-12-30

Few weeks ago DACH coin was hacked. To save coin DACH team decide to delist it from exchanges, rollback blockchain and swap to DACHX. 


DACHX wallet and swap is finally ready. How to swap your coins? Here is the guide from DACH discord channel that you must join if you want to swap:


1. From NOW stop staking on DACH, your Coins need to be matured for sending !! 

2. Make SURE your DACH Wallet is Version and fully synced. 

3. Make SURE you have downloaded our new DACHX Wallet (Version 


You need this 2 Wallets for your SWAP, from the OLD DACH you send coins and you reccive in the NEW DACHX Wallet your Coins again. 


4. DONT move now any Coins, the result will be, your Transaction need longer for Checkup and will go on the End of the Swapline ! 

5. DM the User swap-dach-dachx#3868 with a simple Word = SWAP - click for him on our Memberslist, dont answer if anybody text you FIRST, maybe there are Scammer who will try to stolen your Coins. Remember --> YOU text first ! 

6. Follow the Instructions on this DM, after you text, you got answer. The Answer need time, depence on Traffic on Swap. So WAIT after you send your DM. 




Send Coins in one sending only. If you need to shutdown MN first or Coins because of Staking are not matured.... WAIT!! IF any unclear, ask in our SWAP Chat! 

When you receive your DACHX you can set up a masternode. New collateral is 25 000 DACHX so, if you do not have enough new coins you can buy it OTC on the discord channel. To buy coins DM DACHDEV and only him! To be sure that he is the real one, DM him by clicking on his nickname in the announcement channel or in the memberlist.


DACHX wallet: https://github.com/dachcoin/dach/releases

DACH wallet: https://github.com/dachcoin/dachcoin/releases/tag/v1.0.2.0 



1. Go to your Roaming Folder where the Dachcoin Folder are located. If you dont know where, go in your Wallet to Tools and click on “show automatic Backups” There you see in a new Window (AppData ->Roaming ->Dachcoin ->backups) Click on “dachcoin” and you are in the right Folder 


2. Close your Wallet 


3. Delete all inside the Folder, but NOT dachcoin.conf and wallet.dat (IMPORTANT, DONT DELETE this 2 Files !!) 


4. Download https://github.com/dachcoin/dachcoin/releases/download/v1.0.2.0/walletSnapshot_142492_5th_Dec_2018_17_38_50.zip and extract, copy this Files in your Dachcoin Folder, where the dachcoin.conf and wallet.dat are located. 


5. Open dachcoin.conf and copy this:







6. Download your right Wallet on: https://github.com/dachcoin/dachcoin/releases/tag/v1.0.2.0