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    $5.769B -1.72%

DACH exploit

By Rafał - 2018-12-09

Our partner, DACH Coin exploited. Hacker was able to create about 12 millions coins.


DACH is very solid project with registered company and working platform. Unfortunately dishonest people do not care about others and for few bucks would be able to destroy good projects. This time hacker create 12 millions DACH coins and was able to sold about 3 million on the exchanges. Of course, after that price of DACH fall to 1 satoshi. 

DACH ann

DACH Coin devs are now busy to find the best solution. Swap is almost certain but we still do not know more details. As team member wrote in one announcement, DACH is more than a chain and they will definitely do not give up.


This is the hackers account http://bts.ai/u/full-house-queen, you can track his activity and coins that he sold.


For more details join DACH discord channel.