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Dash accepted at over 3600 merchants.

By Rafał - 2018-10-09

Dash is a father of all masternode cryptocurrencies. It is the largest masternode coin and one of the lagrest cryptocurrency.

What is Dash?

Now it is also accepted as a payment method at over 3600 merchants according to discoverdash.com. The most merchants that accept DASH are in Venezuela. This year inflation in that country will be 1,37 million percent, and next year it reach 10 million as provided by International Monetary Fund. Cryptocurrency is the only rescue for a lot of people there.

The number of merchants grow from about 1100 in August to over 1600 in September. At this moment it is almost 2000. 

Another country that have a lot of businesses accepting DASH as a payment is USA, over 450 merchants. Then Germany and Canada about 140.

If you would like to find more stats visit discoverdash.com/statistics/