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Dash aims to push the currency adoption in Latin America

By Inkarias - 2019-11-09

Dash currency is thriving to expand its growth in Latin America in the upcoming years and the core team tries to focus their effort in that goal. Rodrigo Ambrissi from Dash Dinheiro Digital prepared a YouTube Video conference session to debate about the Dash’s growth and adoption of cryptocurrency. Many leaders of Dash from various states and sectors like Venezuela, Brazil, Cabimas, Dash Text, Dash Help, and Mexico attended this event. According to Giorgio Marinetti of Dash Help:

The adoption of cryptocurrency can take place by improving communication. It means that the essential documents and instructions like marketing materials, general guidelines, and technical documents should be in the Latin language like Spanish and Portuguese

Roel Castano of Dash Mexico discussed the remittances which are the best for Dash and cryptocurrency. Despite the innovative features of Dash, some areas cannot access the remittance nearby. On the other hand, Brazil is highly corrupted and has economic issues but then also has a decent economy. Therefore, Dash Brazil is planning to have a market segment for Dash by spreading awareness about the efficient ways to save and spend the money.

Many countries like Venezuela are facing hyperinflation, and others like Mexico are looking for a solution in sending and receiving remittances. In Latin and South America, most of the population do not have phones at all and lack advanced functionality features in smartphones. This problem is sorted out by the Dash Text which allows a user to send Dash by an SMS text. Now, it will expand in Latin, South, North America as well as Europe via SMS service and integration of Telegram. The Dash currency targets a specific area which will be greatly improved with the introduction of the blockchain while solving existing problems.

More details at https://www.dash.org/