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Dash Community Elects Trust Protectors

By Rafał - 2019-04-05

The long-awaited Dash Trust Protectors have been elected by the community according to a statement by Ryan Taylor, the CEO of the Dash Core Group. The community elected six members from a pool of 20 that contested for the positions.
The Dash Trust Protectors were elected by the projects network of 5000 Masternodes to take charge of the Dash Core Group and direct the operations of the project on behalf of the network.

Governance for Accountability

Speaking on the election, Taylor said that it would lead to a greater accountability on the part of the DCG. He stated that “Indeed, this establishes a legally binding fiduciary duty to the Trust and ultimately the network itself.”
The irrevocable self-governing drive enhanced the decentralization drive of the Dash network being that the participants were elected by the greatest stakeholders of the Dash Core Group.
The Dash Trust is the legal entity based in New Zealand that entitles the network to own properties. It is the same entity that owns the Dash Core Group which is the largest developer group within the Dash decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
The Trust Protectors that have been elected would direct the activities of the trustees or Dash Trust ensuring that the vision of the masternode network is not at variance with the activities of the Trust.
The Dash Trust Protectors voting was announced in January with the modalities set out in February. The voting which was concluded at the end of March has the Dash Watch assist in coordination.

A Historic Milestone

“We are very proud of this milestone. Our model stands in stark contrast to many other projects, which frequently feature foundations, companies, or founders funds which lack true accountability to the communities of users they are supposed to serve. In the short-term, I suspect that the importance of our model will be underestimated. Over the fullness of time, that will change.”
The winners of the election are mainly prominent community members, those from the media group and crypto accounting and compliance firm Node40. The six operators are Pieter Bakhuijzen, Raleigh Barrett, Michael Lewis, Mark Mason, Eric Sammons, and Perry Woodin.