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The Evolutionary and the Most Awaited Dash Core Version 0.13 is Finally Here

By RafaƂ - 2019-01-16

Dash Core group has announced the release of the Dash Core version 0.13. This software update focuses on improving solidarity methods on the Dash network and includes several addition features including future support for DApps to help make Dash the most user-friendly blockchain-based payment network in the world.

Some of the major highlights of the Update

Automatic InstantSend:

Automatic InstantSend will enable users to exchange payment instantly without any additional fees using the Dash Masternodes network and prevent double-spending by instantly verifying and locking the transactions.

Deterministic Masternode list:

The Deterministic Masternode list provides a single source of truth for all clients who want to verify transactions. It includes SPV wallets which rely on the trusted SPV server to verify and relay transactions.

Special Transactions:

The update comes with a new Special transactions feature. Special transactions are non-financial transactions on the blockchain which carry additional data, thus opening the door to many use cases for Dash payment system in future.

Third Masternode Key:

The Masternode keys have now been split into three from one, namely: Collateral, operating, and voting. Collateral key is required to create a node and prove ownership of the staking amount, Operating key enables running of the node and the voting key allows for voting on treasury proposals.

Improvements to PrivateSend:

PrivateSend feature protects the privacy and financial data of the users. It offers decentralization and strong anonymity by using chaining, denominations and passive ahead-of-time mixing. This Core update speeds up the mixing process and has introduce an addition denomination of 0.001 Dash. It has also expanded the mixing rounds from a default of 2 and maximum of 8 to a default of 4 and maximum of 16 and has added multiple parallel mixing session thus, improving the privacy of transactions significantly.
This major update will serve as a foundation for Dash Evolution, a decentralized payments platform built on Dash Blockchain (To know more about Dash Evolution, visit https://www.dash.org/evolution/).
Dash has recommended its partners, network operators and stakeholders to begin upgrading as soon as possible. Masternode owners must update before the activation of spork 15 (exact date is yet to be announced) to continue receiving block rewards. Masternode operators are also required to update the sentinel. To know the exact procedure of updating Masternodes, visit https://docs.dash.org/en/stable/masternodes/dip3-upgrade.html. For assistance with the upgrade, contact Dash Support Desk here https://support.dash.org/en/support/home.
This major update has set a new milestone in the history of Dash and the blockchain space. It will surely pave the way for mass merchant adoption of Dash and neutralize the disadvantages of digital money (crypto currencies) against fiat.
For more information on Dash Core version 0.13, visit: