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Dash current active addresses number pass Litecoin and confirms a growing trend

By Inkarias - 2019-10-16

Dash’s number of active addresses, a key cryptocurrency indicator used to measure the adoption and success of a specific project, have passed those of Litecoin, confirming a strong growing and long-term reversal trend.

During this week, according to a source of data from BitInfoCharts, a report stated that Dash has outpaced Litecoin for every single of the last seven days for total active addresses for a 24-hour period. This continues an ongoing reversal trend, with Dash and Litecoin trading places for active addresses frequently over the past six months. The change in the trend originally occurred in mid-January 2019, with Dash overtaking Litecoin for a 20-day streak. Prior to that point, Dash had only passed Litecoin a total of six days for years prior, dating all the way back to summer of 2017. Today, Dash lists 57,993 active addresses compared to Litecoin with 39,772 addresses.

Dash’s growth vs active competitors

Dash has showed an increasing growth against top coins like Litecoin in key metrics associated with cryptocurrency adoption. Earlier this year Dash staked its claim as the top coin with the fastest growing active addresses, outpacing even Bitcoin, which saw net growth in active addresses over the past year ( Bitcoin is still considered as the main cryptocurrency in the crypto sphere , so Dash outpacing Bitcoin is a great indicator of adoption).
Furthermore, in terms of total network transactions Dash has been noticeably above Litecoin, even passing it several times recently, though not as consistently or dramatically as active addresses.
Across the board, other cryptocurrencies have made steady gains in adoption metrics, while Bitcoin has stagnated. With metrics including transactions, active addresses, and distribution of median and average transaction value, the trend seems to show that other cryptocurrencies such as Dash are being adopted more for smaller and more regular payments than Bitcoin.