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Dash evolution outpacing every competitor with 178% annual increase

By Inkarias - 2019-10-25

Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor has announced that Dash organic, real-world usage has shown consistent growth both quarterly and yearly, particularly when compared to other competing coins. Furthermore, Dash’s year-over-year median number of transactions also grew by 178%, showing that user activity has nearly tripled over the third quarter of 2018. Taylor also added that usage data on every other metrics have similarly seen significant increases during the same period.

Taylor then went on to compare the growth of other similar blockchain networks’ performance over the same time period, which he believes “are not growing as consistently or dramatically” as Dash. He also noted that all the networks analysed have experienced negative growth quarters over the last year, in stark contrast with Dash. Regarding Bitcoin’s Lightning network, Taylor did not see any signs of significant growth, while unique channels have seen a decrease of double digits over the last two quarters, indicating a downtrend. Nevertheless, Taylor shared that he remains confident in Dash’s strong fundamentals, which will be a key factor to increase the general adoption worldwide and explained that price does not always reflect the true hard work of the dedicated team of Dash.

State of the art technologies

Dash’s InstantSend feature, now automatic on all transactions and quickly being adopted by more exchanges, enables Dash transactions to be locked in place in under 2 seconds and for no more than a regular fee of 0.0005 cents. Additionally, Dash’s ChainLocks leverages the masternode network to protect against 51% attacks, ensuring that the blockchain is not only faster, but also more secure than other cryptocurrencies. These two features combined help the Dash ecosystem in gaining more merchant adoption and traction, along with third party merchant services integrators. This is important for both consumers and merchants that have higher switching costs and only want to adopt a new payment method that is accessible and easy. Finally, Dash’s focus on improving the UI/UX of Dash with Dash Platform.

If you are looking to learn more about Dash, you’ll be able to find more details at https://www.dash.org