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Dash Evolution platform is coming out in December

By Inkarias - 2019-11-19

Last week, the team of Dash has shared their future plans regarding the major release of 2019, Dash Evolution platform. On December 7, the team of Dash developers will hold a special event devoted to the Evolution update that will take place in Scottsdale in Arizona. The new version of the platform will be deployed to the testnet Evonet in December to make several tests and make sure every feature is working fine.

As the team previously shared:

Dash Evolution will look and feel like online banking and will be global. However, unlike PayPal and Venmo, Dash is an entirely open-source and decentralized coin. It will also feature increased security, be virtually-free, and have no middlemen taking cuts on either side of transactions. It will be an entirely seamless payment method, with no geographical restrictions. Users can pay friends and shop online as easily as they do with PayPal without losing privacy and control of their money to a third party.

Dash Evolution

Dash Evolution was envisaged as a decentralized payment system for a broad customer base. However, the concept was modified several times, and eventually, Dash Platform transformed into a technological stack for decentralized applications (dApps).

The team will provide details on the functionality of the platform and the cryptocurrency wallet with Dashpay support integration and usernames feature. The group will also share further information about the required process to participate in the testing phase. Dash Core Group Positions Dash Evolution as a flagship product; however, the release has been postponed several times. Thus, initially, it was expected to go online in 2018. To ensure the operability of the services, Dash Platform will rely on the existing masternodes network. According to Shumkov, this is a more scalable solution that the Dash network itself as master nodes will have a high economic motivation to provide quality services.

More details on the official website at https://dash.org