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Dash FastPass Trading contest with more than $7,000 in prizes to win

By Inkarias - 2020-11-14

Cryptocurrency trading has always been a major driver in providing sufficient liquidity to support a community and a project. Trading is also an indispensable part of modern financial markets and is found both within the crypto-sphere but also in traditional stock markets as a daily activity for a large number of investors. With this in mind, trading offers few limits on what can be achieved and therefore offers a golden market for companies entering it. Dash recently announced a new trading competition, called "Dash FastPass Trading Constest" in partnership with Quadency, a well-known and reputable trading platform, to offer traders the chance to win up to over $ 7,000 in prizes. The competition is accessible to everyone and will last for about 20 days during which each participant will have the chance to be able to put their trading skills to good use while trying to win the prizes involved, both in Dash but also in Quadency Unlimited subscription credits which cost 99 $ monthly. The rewards will be allocated to the top 20 traders between depending on their share in the competition. The entire prizes pool will be distributed as follows:

1st place Grand Prize: 1,600 dollars with 1,000 dollars in DASH and 6 Months of Quadency Unlimited

2nd to 5th place: 550 dollars with 250 dollars in DASH and 3 Months of Quadency Unlimited

6th to 10th place: 350 dollars with 150 dollars in DASH and 2 Months of Quadency Unlimited

11th to 20th place: 175 dollars with 75 dollars in DASH and 1 Month of Quadency Unlimited

The contest will officially beging at 12:00am UTC on November 18th and conclude at 11:59pm UTC on December 7th. The different winners will thus be announced on December 10th and contacted by the team before December 15th in order to prepare and organize the rewards distribution.

Rules of the competition and how to proceed

The rules of the competition allow any investor to run unlimited live bots at once with volume restrictions. The full set of rules is directly available on the official website posted at the end of this article.

In order to join the contest , it is mandatory to connect to exchanges accounts and acquire Quadency pro for free. Investors can enjoy an unlimited number of Dash trading pairs, however, only the volume traded on FastPass exchanges Liquid, KuCoin, HitBTC and Coinbase Pro will count for the score.

More information regarding Dash Fastpass trading competition can be found at https://newsroom.dash.org/