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Dash Foundation adds CrayPay to its payment solutions for crypto adoption

By Inkarias - 2021-01-15

With the recent explosion in the crypto markets, the eyes of the whole world are on Bitcoin and the various currencies that exist. However, despite new investors entering the market, solutions to facilitate the adoption and daily use of blockchain-based digital currencies are nevertheless still quite rare to find across continents. The Dash project, via the DIF or Dash Investment Foundation, has recently taken a further step forward to allow everyone to acquire and use the crypto funds in many partner shops with the investment within CrayPay .

Special advantage for Dash supporters

Through this collaboration and funding, the Dash-enabled version of CrayPay’s app will offer more benefits than the regular app for the community. In short, CrayPay is a loyalty payment platform allowing users to earn instant savings after spending at various stores across the world. In the future, the Dash version will be the main gateway which will lead users to spend DASH funds at CrayPay’s 155,000 partner merchant stores and in various foreigner entities or companies. The major advantages offered through Dash version will be an increased access to more merchants and more savings possibilities, with low network transaction fees. The application is focused on users experience , offering possibilities to enjoy more spending opportunities while saving more than with standard payment solutions such as credit card. Regarding this important news , CrayPay’s CEO, Marshall Greenwald, stated: “We’re excited to work with the Dash community to bring our loyalty program to Dash users. Dash’s InstantSend technology eliminates chargeback risks, which enables CrayPay to instantly authorize payment to our merchant partners, so Dash really is the best option for instant low-cost payments on our platform.”

More information regarding the addition of CrayPay in Dash ecosystem can be read at https://www.dash.org/