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Dash is now accepted at Church's Chicken in Venezuela

By Rafał - 2018-12-15

Recently, Dash has been carving its way to the top as the major payments system in Venezuela as great volatility proceeds the fiat currencies now. Not long ago, there was a news about Dash being accepted as a payment system by more than 2000 merchants across Venezuela.
Moving one step closer towards its goal of global acceptance as payment system, Dash is now being accepted as payment system at one of the major American fast food chain, ‘Church’s Chicken’ in Venezuela. Dash made an official announcement regarding the same on its Facebook and twitter page on 12th of December.
The cryptocurrency DASH is being accepted at all the 10 Church’s Chicken restaurants in Venezuela. The restaurant claims to be the first global food chain to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Completing its first transaction at Church’s Chicken, Dash has uploaded the video of the event on its official YouTube channel.
Dash has also cleared the misinterpretation about its tweet made on 7th of December stating that KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Venezuela would start accepting Dash payments the following week. Although, both the parties (Dash and KFC Venezuela) have agreed that they are currently in negotiation regarding the possibility of crypto payments and haven’t come on any conclusion yet.