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Dash platform has been officially released on Evonet

By Inkarias - 2020-01-01

Dash core team is glad to announce the first release of Dash Platform on Evonet, the public testing environment for Evolution features. Dash Platform functionality will be released in several phases to Evonet. The initial efforts will begin with the foundational components of the platform: those that applications and developers will access. Later phases will expand testing to include light client support, enhanced security functionality, and masternode rewards / incentives. Dash Platform is not a product with which most users will directly interact. Instead, users will interact through client applications that have their own user interfaces, such as the DashPay application.

Product and features

Dash Platform is a technology stack for building decentralized applications on the Dash network. The goal for the platform is to facilitate frictionless value transfer while leveraging the strengths of the Dash network. These strengths include instantly confirmed transactions, stable project governance, and scalability. With the release of the platform, businesses now have tools to add metadata to payments, thereby allowing for more robust, user-friendly application experiences for their customers as well. Dash Platform’s core functionality is like a decentralized storage platform. Application developers create data contracts, register them with the Dash network, store application data, and receive Dash network consensus on the state of that data. This results in a storage platform that is censorship resistant, fault-tolerant, and has zero downtime using blockchain technology. The main features introduced with the release include several keys components such as:

  • A platform Access via the Decentralized API (DAPI)
  • Decentralized Application Storage via Drive
  • Identities Registered on the Platform Blockchain
  • Usernames Facilitated by Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS)
  • Simplified Development Workflow via Dash SDK
  • Replicated State Machine for Updating Application State and more
All the details on this release on Evonet can be found at https://www.dash.org/