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Dash Releases Its Election Software

By Rafał - 2019-03-13

Months ago, the Dash Network announced its Evo project which has taken center stage with developers. Another project which is the Election Software was announced at the same time by one of the network’s developers.
The announcement came at a time most of the developers on the platform were occupied with Evo prompting one of them, Nathan Marley to focus on the software development project.
According to him, his intention was to make sure that the Evo project got the attention it needed without having the Election Software compromised.

Votes By Dash Trust Protectors

The importance of the latter is in the creation of a voting system for collating votes for the Dash Trust Protectors. To make its integrity foolproof, the plan was to have third-party auditors scrutinize it.
According to Nathan, the Election Software became necessary despite the existence of the budget system that has been in use on the platform.
The budget system which is a binary yes/no and MN owners who currently share their voting system with operators may be unwilling to do the same to vote for Dash Trust Protectors.

Software Architecture

The new system demanded the use of MN collateral keys for signing messages. This necessitated the creature with high-level architecture.
The software comprises a back-end API which connects the database, a font-end website which communicates with the MNOs and API and a vote validation tool that tallies and validates the votes once on March 31 at the end of a voting cycle.
The simplicity of the software is such that the design laid emphasis on ease of use while making sure that the front end is bug free. This is necessary to make sure that invalid votes are discarded while all MNO votes count.
The software took cognizance of the fact that the final Masternode list is a moving target which varies as operators come and go. So it made sure that what counts is the validation day of March 31 thereby removing all ambiguity.
The system makes it easy to all votes to be collated and later screened for valid ones. All the processes are automated eliminating the long man hour needed for manual validation.
“We needed a way for MNOs to cast votes, and also needed a way to automate the vote verification and tallying of them. Otherwise, manual work could take many hours or more, and lots of cut-and-pasting for verifying signatures. This isn’t necessary with modern technology, so I devised a way to count votes in an automated fashion,” he said.
Nathan made it clear that the software belongs to the Dash network though located on GitHub under Evo.
Voting site is now live at : https://trustvote.dash.org