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Dash Text Debuts Charity Program

By Rafał - 2019-03-19

Dash Text, the SMS based digital currency transmission platform has announced the debut of its charity service. The project which is still in its testing phase enables holders of the Dash Text wallet to send and receive donations without third party interference.
According to the release from Dash News, this is the first text based donation platform which offers automated distribution of charitable donations across the blockchain.
The world’s first charity distribution model ensures that text based donations are evenly distributed across recipient wallets. The main advantage of the Dash Text platform is that it gives the very poor an opportunity to receive donations without needing internet access.
Dash Text CTO and co-founder Lorenzo Rey stated that the platform brings transparency and decentralization to charity. She highlighted that the money sent by a donor is evenly distributed among all the recipients specified. The funds are transmitted across the platform in seconds with each recipient notified via SMS of funds received.
Interestingly, the name and country of donor can be shown in the text notification.
“There is no system like this in the world today, all charity donations, including crypto charities right now require some sort of human intermediation” Lorenzo Rey
The program is in its pilot stage with 50 students from Venezuela participating. It has shown a lot of promise with 60 donations sent across the platform daily to help the students purchase food and beverages.
This initiative from Dash was inspired by the struggles of Venezuelans since the country fell under harsh economic conditions due to hyper inflation. The plan is to use cryptocurrency as a lifeline for the people through increased adoption and use and less dependence on banking services.
The Dash initiative is already making impact in the country with 2,500 merchants supporting the cryptocurrency.