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Why The Dash Community Turned Down Proposals from Venezuela

By Rafał - 2019-04-05

The Dash network takes pride in what it has accomplished in Venezuela, a country badly hit by runaway inflation. Nevertheless two recent proposals from the country were turned down by the community mainly because of the behavior of some of the Dash leaders in the country.
Even though Dash has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the country, the country’s Dash merchants went on collision course with the Dash Masternode operators after it was discovered that the merchant had falsified data provided to the community.
The disenchantment of the community towards the Dash Merchants Venezuela is instrumental to the rejection of two proposals, one of which sought to use 295 DASH to boost adoption in the country. The proposal hoped to increase the number of merchants supporting dash to 5000 but the network was not impressed.
Not just was the rejection premised on the falsification of figures but many masternode operators felt that the proposal was not as feasible as the proposal made it seem.
A masternode operator who expressed his views stated that he has always been in support of Dash Venezuela stating that the best work done by the network is in that country.
"(..)However, after the revelations about their falsifying financial data, I’ve changed my vote to a “No” vote for this specific proposal. I don’t think such behavior can be rewarded and go unpunished” he said.
The second proposal which was also turned down by the community asked to 95 Dash monthly for the development of a Dash Leadership program in the country. The proposal stated that the effect of the project would be tripling the number of transaction across the Dash network within four regions of the country.
As in the previous proposal, the veracity of the claims were questioned with one of the masternode operators Criticalinput writing that he is always critical when it comes to Dash or Bitcoin merchant acceptance.
Dash merchant Venezuela has an uphill task as it tried to clean up its image.