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Deviant project updates

By Rafał - 2019-11-04

Community-driven projects became a common practice in the crypto sphere in the past year in order to revive many projects that suffered from unrecoverable losses: Exit scam, Financial fraud, Devs leaving the project and more. However, in rare cases such as Deviant, the core team makes everything possible by handing over all the information and related access to restart the project and the associated vision introduced since its inception.
With the revival of Deviant, the current team is mainly working on organizational tasks. As the previous team continues to grant access and privileges to the Deviant system, the project fully continues but still suffer from this slow process which requires a lot of time. At the same time, various conversations with a wide range of services that supports the DEV currency have been opened to ensure a brighter future for Deviant.

Major updates regarding project status

  • The current work on DEX proved to be more time consuming than expected but the development team does not intend to give up on the difficulties and still own a stable workflow.
  • Mobile wallet developers are waiting to gain access to work, preparation for transfer is underway and should be applied soon.
  • A new explorer is being under development ( without third party services)
  • A new telegram channel is being opened up by the new team , which will share all the news regarding the project directly on this new media : https://t.me/deviantnews.
  • The previous team is currently preparing a list of servers that remain to be paid by December 1st. The last step is to hand over the full administrative rights . In that way , « K Dub » will soon receive administrative rights in the official discord channel.
More information at https://deviantcoin.io