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Divi Atomic Swaps on its way

By RafaƂ - 2019-01-06

On December 26th, 2018, Divi implemented Hash Time-Locked Contract functionality (a necessary technology that facilitates Atomic Swaps and off-chain contract negotiation) to its private test network. As of now, Divi is aiming to implement atomic swaps by the end of January to align with the release of PayPal MOCCI Payments but can adjust the timeline if required.
Implementation of Atomic Swaps will not only eliminate the need for a centralized, custodial exchange to facilitate trades but also provide the users with complete control over their private keys, thus making transactions much more secure. Divi also plans to implement the vaulting feature which will allow time-locked saving of funds i.e. basically a savings account. Implementing Atomic Swaps will also unlock the potential to create technology that allows for refund of transactions on blockchain just like the credit card companies.
This implementation will require a mandatory upgrade to the Divi core protocol. Users of Divi desktop will need to install the automatic update when available and CLI users will be required to perform a manual upgrade and documentation. Those who fail to upgrade their wallet to the latest version will risk hard forking their node and creating of a new blockchain which will be unreadable by the main chain. In such Scenario, any rewards earned on a forked chain will hold no virtual value and will be useless. So, make sure to upgrade your wallet to the latest version as soon as its available.
To know which Bitcoin Improvement Proposals have been implemented on the Divi Blockchain and for more information on Atomic Swaps, visit: