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Divi introduces the Crypto concierge to answer the lack of quality user support

By Inkarias - 2019-11-20

Divi's vision has always been to make crypto easier and more accessible for all users, even the non-technical ones. However, with any technology, there is issues, bugs, and confusion as the product is iterated upon and polished. Even the biggest companies in the world face technical support questions daily. Divi’s project isn’t spared by that fact and brings a solution to help users in their research of reaching the crypto market and especially divi. In our modern society, almost no tech companies offer voice support, while their automated systems and bots rarely help to resolve the serious issues encountered.

Divi’s team has shared a word about this common problem:

This problem is especially apparent in the cryptocurrency niche, where the by devs for devs mentality has reigned supreme for far too long. A lack of documentation and real, in-person support in both onboarding and usage of the technology is a significant hindrance to adoption.

The concierge program to solve the lack of customer support

Therefore, Divi is glad to introduce the Divi Crypto Concierge Program. This initiative is designed to help users of all levels to access all the benefits provided by Divi by offering in-person representatives awaiting calls or messages. The program is easily accessible by few ways in order to satisfy everyone’ requests. Users who are interested in receiving support with the Divi ecosystem can directly contact the team through live training (this imply to schedule a call with one of the Support Concierge representatives available on the same day), Telegram or email at support@diviproject.org.
More details about this new program for the community at https://diviproject.org/