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Divi to launch its own Lightning Network called ‘Chain Lightning’

By Ronak_Sunara - 2019-04-14

Divi has been working on the implementation of Lightning Protocol to its network for quite some time, calling it ‘Chain Lightning’. As Divi has a similar codebase as that of Bitcoin but modified, the team believes that it can smoothly implement the Lightning Network and solve the problems and eliminate the limitations associated with it. The Chain Lightning is still under development and is currently being tested.
Divi Chain Lighting
Divi has listed down some problems that it will be solving using the Chain Lightning. Some of which are:
  1. Divi will develop single-click solution for setting up lightning nodes just like MOCCI to ease up the node setting process.
  2. Divi has high scalability and can handle around 20 times more transactions than Bitcoin. This will make splicing (allows multiple operations to happen within a single transaction) much faster and easier. Thus, reducing the confirmation time and speeding up the transactions without collapsing of system during high traffic.
  3. As Lightning Network demands absolutely zero to negligible fees, this might create financial instability in the network as data transmission isn’t free. But as Divi has a second class of transactions (metadata fees) and will soon be implementing Namecoin’s ability to the Network, the blockchain will be able to generate sufficient fees. This will make Divi financially scalable and stable.
  4. Divi is supported by additional layer of Masternode Network. Therefore, the passive money held by the nodes can be used to process larger transactions on the Lightning Network, with which Bitcoin would surely have problem.
Divi has listed down several more solutions that it will be offering by implementing Lightning Network which can be found in its official announcement (Link below). Divi will primarily focus on perfectly blending the Chain Lightning with its core protocol and eliminating the limitations associated with the LND (Lightning Network Daemon) while improving user-friendliness and scalability.
For detailed information on Chain Lightning and its solutions, visit:
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