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Divi Wallet Desktop version 1.3.7 is now available

By Rafał - 2019-08-03

Divi is an innovative cryptocurrency based on a network of masternodes. The Divi technology allows people to make private and instant transactions.
The team recently announced the latest release of the Divi Desktop Version 1.3.7 which mainly addresses a number of minor and moderate bugs and makes significant enhancements to MOCCI and the already existing UI/UX. In case the users are already running Divi Desktop, they will need to close and reopen it in order to make a fresh install to the latest version available.
The different sources are directly available here: https://diviproject.org/downloads

MOCCI Update

Users who have already deployed masternodes using MOCCI could see a new message on their nodes saying "Manually Started." This message is just an indicator and let the users know an upgrade is available for the remote server. The team worked hard to improve the entire remote node architecture. This upgrade is not mandatory but still remain strongly recommended. In case the users wish to push the upgrade later , they can still continue to use the application as well in the mean time.
Divi wallet

Major Bugfixes

- Masternode recovery no longer recovers previously nodes that were retired
- Manual masternode display issues have been completely resolved
- Remote node reboot solutions have been implemented to handle migrated or stopped/downed remote servers
- "Insufficient funds" no longer appears on dismantled/redeployed MOCCI nodes
- Masternode metrics no longer break on recovery
- If Step 6 of MOCCI deployment hangs, the client will automatically retry


Some improvements have been added to the wallet to simplify the management of funds updates with UI enhancements and security updates :
- Refresh MOCCI node status button added
- Retry and abandon options are now available for the Blockchain Primer
- Await full entry input before determining 2FA correctness
- Show masternode IP and DIVI addresses in display card
- Auto-unlock for startmasternode to ensure unlock is required during deployment
- Separate backup and recovery models
- Second shutdown attempt implemented for hung shutdown
More about Divi: https://diviproject.org/