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DogeCash Bimonthly Review vol. 2

By Rafał - 2018-11-06

DogeCash was launched about 1 month ago. That was first project that have been KYD verified at presale stage. Now we can read second Bimonthly Review.
From the update we know that team is ahead of schedule with Governance Platform development. 1 DOGEC will be equal to 1 vote on the platform. Other important information is that dogecash.io domain has been claimed by the team. At the moment official website is dogec.io. We all can agree that dogecash.io sounds better.
DogeCash is one of the most active masternode project in social media. They are making a lot of contests and giveaways to keep their community busy and spread the word about DOGEC. We can find some stats about social media growth in the Review. Their discord channel crossed 1100 users. On the twitter they have over 500 followers and Masters of Nodes is one of them.
Full Bimonthly review you can find at https://steemit.com