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DogeCash is Trademarked.

By Rafał - 2018-11-22

DogeCash community channels have recently been flooding with great news and updates. It recently announced its first platform voting and about its network surpassing 200 Masternodes.
DogeCash trademark
source: DogeCash discord channel
DogeCash has recently announced that it has been legally registered and was successful in receiving its Trademark. They now own the right to use the brand commercially worldwide. Although DogeCash will receive a legal document from the government to prove its ownership within a time span of 3 months, they can display the Trademark Symbol (TM) right away in all their communication. Therefore, “DogeCash” is now represented as “DogeCash™”.
This is a huge milestone for DogeCash and will enable it to establish itself in the market as a brand. This will not only help DogeCash to attract vast audience, but also immune it against copycats.
For more information on DogeCash visit https://www.dogec.io/