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    $1,475.210B -3.06%
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DogeCash to Undergo Chain Swap (New PIVX Fork)

By Ronak_Sunara - 2019-04-29

Recently there has been many attacks on the MN/PoS chains which has made it difficult to keep up with the security of the blockchain. DogeCash has been keeping the chain safe from 99% of such situations but as a result has taken a hit on their development speed and productivity.

The team tried to upgrade the chain to the latest PIVX release but failed to do so because of many issues it inherited from the fork codebase. As a result, the team has decided to start fresh with up-to-date codebase by customizing a new PIVX fork with all requested functions. The mainnet is already under test and is running smoothly. It will be ready very soon requiring a coin swap to complete the transition. DogeCash will be using ResQ Platform to conduct the swap as its well known to work flawlessly.


We also have removed Zerocoin from the roadmap as well as codewise on new chain in light of recent events regarding zerocoin exploits and the added liability it adds to the dev team.

The swap will ensure that the DogeCash will no longer be vulnerable to MN/PoS related exploits and the team will finally be able to focus on the products which will be part of DogeCash ecosystem. Also, Zerocoin has been removed from roadmap as well as codewise on the new chain to avoid related exploits and liabilities.

Swap details will be announced in the next few days and will be followed by release of new wallets and explorers.


More about DogeCash at https://www.dogec.io