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Earhart partners with Nuls project and will reach NerveDex soon

By Inkarias - 2020-12-06

The adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world is often linked to their uses and what they can bring to our society. Among the thousands of coexisting currencies in the crypto market, only a tiny fraction of them manage to meet these criteria while having a serious long-term vision. We can for example cite the Nuls project, which recently integrated a new partnership with the Earhart project. For the past few months, the Nuls project team has been working towards implementing and facilitating the use of blockchain in the world of aviation while optimizing it to its maximum potential. This new collaboration will allow the two projects to be mutually supportive with the goal of greatly improving aeronautical sector as we know it today and specifically aviation personified. As Super from Earhart stated:

We already have competitors, but none uses blockchain… So I believe the future is merging our solution into the non-blockchain software

leading the way to democratize and revolutionize the whole aeronautical industry.

Details of the partnership

On hand one, in order to fully benefit from the benefits of this agreement, the Earhart, or EHT project has already transferred 5% of the total EHT supply to the Nuls foundation and will soon be listed on NerveDEX, the on-chain DEX´based on Nulstar or more simply NULS micro-services framework. This information has already been confirmed by NerveNetworks Founder Berzeck earlier this week. On the other hand, the Nuls project will use the funds to promote and improve the two ecosystems as a whole through marketing operations, cross-promotions, liquidity mining or other activities that could greatly enable the two projects to develop further together. As NerveNetwork Founder Berzeck shared:

With our SCO platform, you can invest in EHT without risking your money or capital. 

The growth of both entities will be at forefront to change a multi-million dollars industry while integrating blockchain as the support of operations.