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Energi 3.0, a cross-chain smart contract platform

By Rafał - 2019-06-14

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate, cryptocurrency must become more secure, reliable and cross-functional. With Energi 3.0 release, the Energi’s ecosystem will be greatly expanded far beyond any existing cryptocurrency. Energi will be launched onto an Ethereum-based blockchain that allows cross-chain smart contracts, without the need to do a coin swap as majority of masternodes project does.
The NRG team wish to make huge improvements to Energi as seamlessly as possible and still have Energi to be trustless, decentralized and accurate for the greater good. The Energi’s smart contract platform has already few competitors in the market like Ethereum, Tezos and other well-known cryptocurrencies.
With the possibilities associated with Energi’s Treasury (one of the largest within the crypto sphere), Energi’s smart contract platform will allow few unique features:
  • Ongoing payments for developers coming across to offer a fiscal stability.
  • Security [EBI] team protecting the users can be funded
  • Energi X exchange can be funded by the Treasury [Centralized exchange with futures.
  • Incubation lab support and services
  • A Consensus system that will allow stakers or owners of a masternode to vote and be actively speaking for the future of the currency.
  • A seamless coin migration with trustless decentralized coin swap that will not require sending coins to a new Energi address

Energi 3.0 and its Purpose

Energi 3.0’s snapshot block will be announced in advance before the official launch. Once Energi 3.0 launches, whatever balances users have as of that block will be claimable on Energi 3.0 by initiating a special smart contract transaction utilizing the private key from their current funds. This major breakthrough improves the possibilities offered with POS coins like NRG.
More about how to prepare for Energi 3.0 here: