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Energi brings a liquidity pool contest for the crypto community

By Inkarias - 2020-12-08

During the first years of existence of crypto-currencies, the liquidities present on the market and exchanges, very often on CEXs, were mainly provided by market-makers for a fixed period or even by investors wishing to participate in the financing of 'a project in its infancy. Although these sources of liquidity were multiple, a minority if any could really serve the interests of small investors over the long term and mostly benefited from what is defined as a whale. Today, since the democratization of the Uniswap platform and its liquidity system accessible to anyone, this model has spread very quickly and has been integrated into many well-known projects as we have indicated with the Energi project and its new NRGE token here : https://mastersofnodes.com/a-tokenized-nrg-token-is-now-available-to-trade-on-eth-blockchain . This implementation has given a fair chance to everyone to earn rewards while actively providing funds to support the projet.

A liquidity contest to celebrate NRGE launch

Energi team has opened a liquidity pool contest which started yesterday and set to last until January 3, 2021. Each week, two random users who have added any amount of NRGE to the Uniswap liquidity pool will win 50 NRGE each. There is also a grand Prize of 100 NRGE that will be allocated to the person with the largest single transaction during the entire event. This contest is divided in 4 weeks from Monday to Sunday according to the following calendar (UTC time) :

Week 1 - 7th December 2020, 00:01 to 13th December 2020, 23:59

Week 2 - 14th December 2020, 00:01 to 20th December 2020, 23:59

Week 3 - 21st December 2020, 00:01 to Sunday 27th December 2020, 23:59

Week 4 - 28th December 2020, 00:01 to Sunday 3rd January 2021, 23:59

Out of all the transactions during a specific week , two numbers will be selected randomly and the corresponding transactions will be recorded to determine the winners. The only rule that apply to this competition is to keep the added funds in the pool during the whole duration of the competition.