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Energi bureau of investigations is opening a bounty against cybercriminality

By Inkarias - 2020-02-07

Recently, Energi’s Bureau of Investigations has reported a dramatic uptick in cybercriminal efforts targeting the Energi community using this particular modus operandi. To help counter this, Energi is announcing a bounty of up to 5000 NRG for information leading to the arrest and conviction of scammers impersonating Energi team members.

How scammers process

These fraudsters often work in one of a few ways. They may pretend to be Energi team members by mimicking the usernames, avatars, and discriminators (the 4 digits after a Discord username). On Telegram, impersonators may have only a slight difference from a known team member. Next, they will offer private technical support via DM, OTC (over the counter) deals, or other similar methods, all with the aim to steal people’s NRG.

The solutions offered

The core team of Energi wants to offer help on how to keep the NRG coins safe. First, whenever sensitive information is involved, Energi team members will never offer support via DM but only help through the secure discord ticketing system or email. Furthermore, investors must not allow anyone, even if they are Energi team members, to access their computer remotely via TeamViewer or any other screen sharing software. Energi recognizes the impact these malicious acts can have on individual users and the community as a whole and is thriving with international law enforcement bodies and bounty hunters to catch those involved. Energi Defense has also deployed elaborate countermeasures to combat these attacks against the community, but the team is always looking for more help in reporting these cybercrooks before they hurt other unsuspecting users. 
More details on this bounty can be found at https://www.energi.world/