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Energi Earndrop Round 4 and rules

By Rafał - 2019-07-03

With the associated costs to drive a successful marketing campaign, a lot of crypto projects choose to get exposure by doing airdrops to the community in exchange for their ongoing support and engagement. With the success of the first round in June 2018 where Energi had more than 60,000 participants worldwide, the team decided to change the initial plan. Instead of sticking to the 3 original airdrops for USA & Canadian residents, then EU and then New Zealand & Australian residents, Energi made the choice to open a Round 4 globally accessible for everyone and especially for those who missed the earlier opportunity.
This round 4 has limited spots available (5,000) to users in the order in which they signed up, and will then be open to the public if there are still slots available. However, this is quite unlikely, as the Round 4 ‘waiting list’ of sign-ups already exceeds the total number of Earndrop Round 4 slots available.

Earndrop Process

1. Email notifications will be sent out to the people already on the waiting list, based on the sign-up date. The team will be rolling out these emails chronologically since the Round 4 waiting list exceeds the number of entries for participation. This solution works as “first-come, first-served basis,” and so it is mandatory to complete the entire Earndrop application process successfully, as the unfilled slots will soon be offered to other people on the waiting list.
2. Only 1 round is allowed per participant. If a user participated in either rounds 1, 2 or 3, they will not be eligible to participate in our Round 4. Duplicate entries will be found, disqualified and banned from participating in any future Energi events.
3. To receive the total maximum Earndrop reward (100NRG) there is a high participation requirement so that more community members will have a chance to enter it.
4. Once 5,000 people have completed KYC requirements for Round 4, the team will begin working to carefully audit all submissions. This process shall take several months before the distribution for Round 4 can take place.


The support team only handles issues for users that are already registered in Earndrop, have a user-ID and completed KYC. General questions about the Earndrop, for users who are not registered yet, can be asked in NRG social media channels, mainly the Discord Earndrop channel.
More information at https://earndrop.energi.world/homepage