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Energi EBI recovery tool reduced cybercrime by 70%

By RafaƂ - 2020-10-01

Security within new technologies is a major issue, both from a technical point of view to protect the infrastructure put in place, but also from a psychological point of view to build investor confidence and reassure them about the long term. As an example, during the migration to Energi 3.0, malicious actors targeted the community and attempted to access their wallets through various phishing methods. These scammers even tried to impersonate members of Energi customer support and leadership and thus needed a strong reaction and solution to ensure the stability and the integrity of Energi’s ecosystem as a whole.

EBI’s solution for a future without thefts

Since the official launch of the Energi’s EBI, namely Energi Bureau of Investigations, and after conducting a deep analysis of the impact on the infrastructure, the team has shared that the EBI recovery tool currently reduces cybercrimes by 70%. In few words, the EBI recovery is a free tool by which users can report fraudulent transactions and malicious actors to the Energi’s cybersecurity team with the ability to communicate issues to the customer support team 24/7.

With this innovative system, users can report issues directly to the community management and customer support teams, which will inform the EBI to start its investigation and the recovery process. If after further investigations the EBI detects that a wallet is considered as malicious, it can be blocked, and its funds can be drained and returned to its legitimate owner. However, the cybersecurity experts responsible of that system have put a strict procedure with several steps to initiate the recovery to prevent spamming from malicious actors. With the inability to recover stolen funds in the whole cryptocurrency space, EBI recovery tool is the key to protect users’ assets at all cost.

More details about this tool can be found at https://www.energi.world/