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Energi Gen 3 smart contract platform release is delayed to early 2020

By Inkarias - 2019-12-13

The Energi Gen 3 smart contract platform was initially scheduled to be launched on the 18th of December, 2019. After careful considerations to guarantee all the associated features, the core team of energi is moving back the launch timeframe to the end of February 2020 or possibly sooner depending on possibilities. Even if the development of Energi Gen 3 is fully complete and ready for launch, Energi’s team wishes to ensure that all of the users and partners have enough time to prepare for a smooth transition to the new blockchain.
With the holidays quickly approaching this month, and the Energi Earndrop appeals process entering its final stages, this new timeframe will give extra time and allow all of the users in the space to feel prepared for this major launch. With the extra time offered by this new timeline, the team would like to encourage everyone to participate in the re-launch of the Gen 3 testnet on December 18. This system provides an opportunity to get hands-on experience with Energi’s next-generation platform, including the ability to test coin migration with testnet coins. The team will also distribute testnet coins for anyone who would like to participate.

Bug-hunting bounty program

During this period of holidays with extensive testing and upgrades incoming, Energi is organizing a bug-bounty program, paying up to 5000 NRG for any critical bugs discovered in Gen 3. This bounty is open to everyone and will be a great addition to ensure all the functionalities of Energi 3 are working fine without underlying flaws. The bounty reward incentives the whole community to actively participate in this transition , controlling the state of the network and bringing the best feedbacks to constantly improve the energi ecosystem.
More details about the transition and the bounty program can be found at: https://www.energi.world