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Energi implementing POS. Testnet is live

By Rafał - 2019-02-05

Energi is almost ready to implement Proof of Stake. Now they started public test of that system. Testnet is ready and every user can join, to try it and report any issues founded. Energi is planning to test it for about a week.
I am very excited to announce this - we have been working hard on implementing Proof of Stake for Energi and we are now ready to begin a public test of the PoS system! This is an amazing opportunity for the community to see what is in store for our next release of Energi, including learning how to stake your coins before PoS goes live on the main net. The test will be conducted on our testnet, using testnet coins which have no value and can not be interchanged with main net coins.

How to join?

Here is the official tutorial published by Energi on their discord channel:
1. Download the latest pre-release (v2.1.0-rc8) here
2. Install the latest pre-release
3. Join the testnet (explained below) and fully sync your wallet
4. Join the #pos-testing channel on Discord and say you would like to participate.
5. One of our CMs will message you and send you 1000 tNRG (testnet NRG) that you can use to begin testing staking with!
6. Check out the testnet block explorer: https://explore.test.energi.network/
For step 3:
- If you are using Windows, the best way to join the testnet is by creating a shortcut:
1. Navigate to C:Program FilesEnergiCore
2. Right click energi-qt.exe and select "Send to - Desktop (Create Shortcut)"
3. Right click on the newly created shortcut on your Desktop and select "Properties"
4. In the target field, add -testnet at the end The full value should read: "C:Program FilesEnergiCoreenergi-qt.exe" -testnet
5. Click OK
6. Rename the shortcut to "Energi TESTNET" * if you are using MacOS - first install Energi as usual. Then, you can download a special testnet-launcher here: https://github.com/energicryptocurrency/energi/releases/download/v2.1.0-rc8/energicore-2.1.0rc8-macos-testnet-launcher.command
- if you are using Linux, run energi-qt -testnet or energid -testnet
Learn more about Energi project at  https://www.energi.world