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Energi Pushes The Crypto Frontier

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-05-09

The Energi team in a recent release stated that the platforms has continued to make giant strides after making the transition to a proof-of-stake coin. Some of these progress is aimed at making the platform user-friendly and creating avenues through which the community can benefit financially through staking.
The listing of the coin in more exchanges such as Kucoin is in agreement with the principle of making the community benefit from an easy to use and trade cryptocurrency.
The latest Energi rain in its discord channel is a way of giving back to the community for the support and loyalty to the project.
Energi, which has world adoption as one of its objectives is presently working to become a smart contract hosting platform in its quest to feature some of the best qualities of blockchain technology.
The recent release by the Energi team highlighted the steps it is taking to make Energi smart contract enables. The basic features of smart contracts are immutability in that they are self executing and cannot be altered after they are put into effect. This is because the block managing the smart contract cannot be modified.
Also, the smart contract output is validated by the network, making it impossible for a node to alter it since a consensus must be reached by the entire network which cannot be influenced by a bad actor.
The Energi smart contract platform would be an adaptation of the Ethereum smart contract with the capacity to host dApps built for the Ethereum platform. The team is hoping that the Energi security system would encourage many dApp developers to migrate to the platform.
Other incentives offered by Energi are engineering support and marketing for such developers. The powerful treasury model of the platform could also be leveraged on by project managers giving them advantage over other platforms.
When completed, the Energi smart contract would have the capabilities of Ethereum and the Energi treasurey, masternode and governance rolled into one complete system.
The smart contact update has been projected by the end of the year. This would also lead to onboarding more features that are hitherto exclusive to Ethereum.
More about Energi at: https://www.energi.world