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Energi Scorecard One Year Later

By Rafał - 2019-04-15

Energi was launched on April 14, 2018 at a time the crypto industry was experiencing a decline in terms of demand. This resulted in drop in the value of most cryptocurrencies.
Compounding issues was the fact that initial coin offerings that thrived with the surge in the value of Bitcoin the previous year also went into disrepute, mainly due to the fact that most founders were more interested in the funds than in following through with project roadmap.
Energi first block
First Energi block, source: Energi medium
The loss of interest by investors in ICOs seemingly made it a bad time to launch a new project, however the Energi vision was to remedy the situation through the creation of a platform that would build trust and transparency in an industry badly in need of it.
Energi launched its platform without selling tokens through an ICO because the team believes that the cryptocurrency has what it takes to make impact through utility. Rather, Energi focused on earndrops with which community members that engaged with the project positively were rewarded with the token.
Energi traffic
source: Energi medium
Presently, there are 32,350 participants in the Energi earndrop who are compensated for carrying out certain assignments. The platform receives daily applications for more participants. 1 million NGR coins have already been distributed to 20,000 participants at the conclusion of the first round of the earndrop.
Since then the project has come a long way and the team is excited as they envisage what the future holds for Energi. Other progress made by the platform includes community growth, partnerships and increasing number of masternodes.
For more visit: https://medium.com/energi/happy-1st-birthday-to-energi-c10137324e9c