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Energi’s Earndrop Fraud identified

By Inkarias - 2019-09-16

Earndrop is a new way to earn cryptocurrencies by becoming part of a specific community. The Energi platform allows you to support the project and entirely participate in the ecosystem, while generating passive income with your holdings.

Energi’s Earndrop aims to be a fair distribution of coins among individuals who prove their identities and are active within the community. Throughout the rigorous vetting process for Energi’s Earndrop program, the NRG Defense Department found that approximately 20% of all submissions were completely fraudulent.

The perpetrators created a vast network of sockpuppet accounts claiming other people’s social media accounts and, even worse, including a complete network of fake referrals. One nefarious network, in particular, was responsible for as many as 10% of the total submissions, identified using proprietary threat hunting analytics. In order to prevent further attempts and to punish the head behind it, the NRG team has been clear on their vision:

We consider this theft, it is illegal to falsify identification documents for any purpose. Our legal team will be submitting target packages to the perpetrators’ local law enforcement bodies to aid in criminal prosecution.

Earndrop ETA and Round 4

The auditing process has taken noticeably longer than originally expected by the NRG team. The validation of submissions is currently ongoing and will continue to ensure NRG coins will be distributed in Q4 2019.

Energi Legal Note

The team also gave a warning to scammers and shared that attempting any kind criminal acts for Round 4 will bring legal ramifications against the responsibles. This case is an excellent example of why Energi’s self-funding treasury model is superior to other projects in this space. Energi has various departments with experts in their respective fields, including our Defense Department, which serves to protect the community from this sort of fraudulent activity which tend to be increasing day after day in the crypto sphere.

Learn more about Energi: https://www.energi.world