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Energi’s funding vision and solution

By Inkarias - 2019-11-04

Back in 2017, Tommy World Power saw some serious problems emerging in the crypto space. The mains problems associated were all related to funding systems and how new projects joining the crypto sphere were being funded without an end goal in for the future. Therefore , it was important for Energi to introduce a new type of funding , fully corresponding to their vision : the Bootstrapping. Back during Energi’s inception , Tommy decided to fund the project through bootstrapping ( using personal money to kickstart the project ) instead of common crowdfunding of ICO, IEO or traditional funding round. By being completely self-funded, Tommy operated within the existing regulatory structures , offering a legal framework to work with , at the opposite of many projects who ignored the regulations all along their path. Energi’s self-funding treasury is mainly focused on Defense department, a group of cybersecurity experts who proactively put out valuable educational content focused on the crypto sphere to protect Energi’s community and its assets.

How does Boostraping works?

Instead of generating a founder percentage as in a typical ICO, this system is based on a ‘vesting’ schedule. In short , ‘vesting’ means that Energi’s founder has to work over a certain number of years , just like an earn-out clause. Overall , this different process is also more transparent and stable because instead of all the funds ending up in an ICO wallet, funding is built directly into the cryptocurrency itself.

An ecological vision

Energi’s vision is also based on the future of our planet : Energi has chosen to implement a far greener solution via proof-of-stake rather than the current proof-of-work system using a lot of computer resources. Confronting climate change, cleaning the ocean and helping disadvantaged children are also some of the challenges that Energi’s team tries to address.
More details at https://www.energi.world/