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Energi’s vision around Masternodes and the future for investors

By Rafał - 2020-03-03

Masternodes are in the middle of the Energi ecosystem with the main role to serve network stability by validating transactions across the network. Their secondary role is governance, which means helping Energi decentralized project to make decisions about treasury fund allocation and innovations to the protocol.

Masternode holders are Energi’s foundation and have been a fundamental part of the successes achieved since the beginning. However, the team also knows that the cost to own a masternode has been prohibitive for many who would otherwise want to help secure and strengthen Energi network. In that way, the core team has decided to start a vote on a change for Energi Gen 3 to reduce the masternode collateral to only require 1,000 NRG and not the 10,000 NRG needed currently.

Advantages for both investors and the network

This change will benefit the community immensely by bringing the price barrier to own a masternode lower making it more accessible to more people than ever before. This will also benefit the existing masternode holders. Not only will they benefit from a stronger network, but they’ll also be able to increase the number of masternodes they own more quickly.

In Gen 2, it would take approximately two years to gain another masternode while it should be under 3 months for Gen 3. This new structure also provides crucial benefits for the wider ecosystem. With a stronger masternode network, Gen 3 will be more decentralized than ever before, which ultimately lets us increase the security and scalability of the entire ecosystem. That’s a win for everyone. Finally, with Gen 3, masternodes will be able to be run with any amount from 1,000 NRG to 100,000 NRG (in increments of 1,000). This will lead to a better experience for masternode operators by enabling masternode rewards to be accumulated more efficiently in the long run.

More information about Energi at https://www.energi.world/