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Ethereum 2.0 Already Facing Problems With Scammers

By Lorenzo - 2020-04-07

Ethereum 2.0 is not even out yet and a few scammers have already been able to take advantage of the network to scam people. The scammers were able to build a website that offers ETH 2.0 PoS mining which is not yet available. 
The website looks quite professional and well-designed which is probably why people have fallen for it. Scammers were offering something like 100% annual returns and the ability to become a Node Operator. 
The scam itself is basically a Ponzi scheme where new investors are paid using the money from older investors. Additionally, the fake website uses legitimate links of real projects and claims to have thousands of miners. 

Red Flags All-Around

Clearly, a 100% annual return in anything should be a red flag but the website has committed another error, the scammers only ask for 0.2 ETH as a minimum stake, however, the official ETH 2.0 website states that users would need to lock up around 32 ETH in order to start staking. 
The website created by the scammers also has a donation address which weirdly actually belongs to MyEtherWallet official website. 
It’s unclear how much ETH the scammers have been able to steal. The website, unfortunately, it’s still up and users are still getting scammed.