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EUNO COIN - One Year Anniversary

By Rafał - 2019-07-15

EUNO coin continues to grow and prosper with time, earning community’s trust and delivering a product with real world applications. EUNO has strengthened its ties and foundations lately and is striving to become the world’s leading crypto-to-fiat payment medium. Here is a short review on what EUNO has accomplished since its genesis block.
EUNO coin has crossed more than 200 masternodes and has shown promise in its PoW and PoS protocols. All the wallets are running smoothly without any major bugs or issues and presently the team is building their lite version to improve accessibility. The beta version of android wallet is also been worked upon and also the IOS wallet is under development.
EUNO community continues to grow strong as it gains appreciation and attention on various social media platforms. The team is planning on enhancing the transparency and decentralization by upgrading its governance structure.
The coin is already supported and accepted by number of gateways (such as coinpayments) and the team is also currently approaching and in talk with potential partners that will promote and elevate its NFC crypto-to-fiat payment system.
EUNO plans on soon onboarding its native protocols – Pay’s Adoption and Convergence Incentivized Distribution (ACID protocol).
For more information on EUNO coin and its progress in last 12 months, visit:
Official website: https://www.euno.co/en