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Fake Darkpaycoin website

By Rafał - 2018-12-06

In Cryptocurrencies you need to be focused 24/7 to not become a victim and lose your money.
This time scammers target Darkpaycoin community and investors. There is a new website www.darkpaycoin.org which is not original website of this project! Do not visit it or do not download anything from there!
The only thing you can do is report this site to https://safebrowsing.google.com and fight scammers. The original site of this project is only one www.darkpaycoin.io.
Also, do not trust anyone at discord channel who is contacting you directly and asking you for your priv key, .dat files or to download new wallet. This is example message that you can receive at Darkpaycoin discord server:
Of course scammers are everywhere not only at DKPC discord. Be aware that devs never contact you directly. For info about fork, attacks or wallet updates follow project #announcement channels, sites (that real sites) or twitter accounts.